Gta 5 apk download Grand Theft Auto 5 android mobile download free

Gta 5 apk download Grand Theft Auto V android download (GTA V) – android action game, belonging to the Grand Theft Auto series. It was released for android and other mobile devices on September 17, 2013 by Rockstar Games. The game was set in the fictional city of Los Santos and in the extra-urban areas called Blaine County in the state of San Andreas, created based on the city of Los Angeles and California. June 10, 2014. During the E3 trade fair, revealed games in the version for personal computers and eighth generation consoles – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , which appeared on November 18, 2014 on the new generation console , and on personal computers the Prime Minister welcomed 14 April 2015 .

Gta 5 apk download Grand theft auto 5 android download

gta 5 apk download

Grand Theft Auto 5 android download enjoys high popularity in the world among players of all platforms, with record sales to the android devices , due to high graphics quality, playability and the ability to use any game outside the story . The game also hit the Guinness Book of Records in large categories, of which six relate to its sale.

The game focuses on crime in one of the US metropolises – Los Santos and its connection in the state of San Andreas. The three protagonists (he has control over the game), despite the fact that they deal with other types of crimes as so-called “Freelancers” cooperate with each other and deal with illegal business .

Rockstar Games production was announced the game of the year, among others in the portals Edge , GameSpot , Metacritic , and also won the Golden Joystick award in the “Game of the Year” category in 2013 .

(Gta 5 apk download) Grand Theft Auto 5 android download production and marketing costs amounted to $ 265 million, making it a game of balancing levels in history.

Gta 5 mobile download screenshots

Grand theft auto 5 android download Story

The main story begins in North Yankton around 2004, when Michael Townley and Trevor Philips, along with their friend Brad, raid a local bank. After collecting the loot, a police department is waiting outside. Gangsters manage to get to the car and start the chase, but this one ends in a collision with a speeding train. The heroes miraculously collide, but federal agents are waiting for them at the scene, who kill Brad and manage to shoot Townley. Trevor escapes after killing his best friend. Then it is explained that the whole unlucky event was previously planned by Michael, who entered into an agreement with the FIB (equivalent to the American FBI agency), in relation to which he will be included in the witness protection program and will change his name to “De Santa”.

Then the action moves to the city of Los Santos in 2013. Michael lives with his family in Los Santos, where he regularly goes to a psychologist for therapy to forget events from the past. There he meets Franklin Clinton, who was forced to seize his son Jimmy’s car. They both liked each other and accidentally destroyed the home of Mexican businessman Martin Madrazo , who demanded $ 2,500,000 in compensation. As a result, they were forced to rob the jewelry shop “Vangelico” , during which De Santa used the characteristic phrase he used in the robberies. This event raises concerns of the FIB who are afraid to recognize the criminal and sue them for a deal. Trevor also recognizes Michael, who complains about the events in Ludendorff. The FIB unit orders Michael, Trevor and Franklin to work for the agency under threat of publicizing secrets incriminating Michael. Meanwhile, Trevor demands a friend to explain his fake death; he also intends to check who is in Michael’s grave. When he learns that it is Brad, he leaves a friend in North Yankton, where he is taken as a lover of Philips and abducted by a Chinese triad, which Trevor had a dispute with. Franklin saves him from oppression. Soon, however, Trevor forgives his friend and helps him and Dave in the fight against Merryweather in order to make a predetermined jump called “The Big One”, which means a great jump on the Federal Reserve Bank. From there, they steal 4 tonnes of gold worth around $ 200 million. In the meantime, the characters meet Devin Weston, who orders Franklin and his colleague Lamar to steal precious cars, for which he does not pay the promised money. One day Weston arrives at Franklin’s house, offering Clinton the assassination of Michael. Franklin faces a difficult choice – he will either kill one of his companions or deal with Weston and FIB with this

Gta 5 apk download heroes

For the first time in the series of Gta 5 mobile download games, the player has the opportunity to play four completely playable characters: three from the story mode and the fourth, which is unlocked after the first use of Online mode, while becoming in this mode a completely playable character. In addition, in some missions involving Franklin, the player has the option of taking control of a dog named Chop.

Gta 5 mobile download gameplay

Grand theft auto 5 android download patagonists

Michael De Santa (actually Michael Townley) – one of the three main characters of the game. He was born in 1965 on the East Coast of the United States. He’s a great shooter. Wanting to settle down, Michael took advantage of the FIB witness protection program: faked his death to the rest of his colleagues during the 2004 North Yankton raid, changed his name, and settled in a luxury villa in Rockford Hills. He has a difficult family situation – he hates his wife, who spends his money with a light hand, and cheats on him with her paid tennis instructor. He also doesn’t understand his children – Jimmy, a drug addict who disrespects him and entirely blames him for his mistakes, and his daughter Tracey, who is associated with the porn industry and does not pay attention to his father [35]. Michael’s special ability is the ability to shoot weapons temporarily at a slow pace [36]. Ned Luke lent him the voice.

Trevor Philips – one of the three main characters of the game. Michael’s old friend, Canadian. He hates how someone recognizes his accent. Like Michael, he is involved in criminal activities over time on a large scale. In the past, he robbed several banks with him. He was also a military pilot (but during the psychological test it turned out that Trevor is mentally unstable and was expelled from the army), thanks to which he easily copes with the control of any type of aircraft or helicopter. Trevor is a type of psychopath who does not count with anyone. He’s addicted to drugs and lives in a trailer in the Sandy Shores Desert in Blaine County. He often does things typical for mentally unstable people in the city – most often he does it with absolute ruthlessness . Trevor’s special skill is the ability to temporarily activate the “fury” mode to be able to deal more damage to enemies and become more resistant to damage dealt by enemies [38]. Steven Ogg lent him the vote.

Franklin Clinton – one of the three main characters of the game. The youngest of three protagonists. He lives in the southern part of the city of Los Santos (South Central), working for the Armenian luxury car dealer, Simeon Yetarian, who offers cars to people selling them in installments. Clinton deals with the enforcement of debts from clients along with his best friend, Lamar Davis. During the reflection of Jimmy’s car, he meets Michael, who becomes his mentor and calls him “the son he always wanted to have”. He is an excellent driver. He is also a member of the Chamberlain Hills family, but he doesn’t get too involved in gangster accounts [39]. He takes care of the dog Chop, who formally belongs to Lamar – but this one does not remind him of him too much . Franklin’s special skill is the temporary ability to drive in a slow motion . He was voiced by Shawn Fonteno.
De Santa family

Amanda De Santa (actually Amanda Townley) – wife of Michael and mother of Jimmy and Tracey. She worked as a stripper when she met Michael. After faking her husband’s death, their relationship deteriorated significantly. He loves with his tennis coach and does yoga (with another coach). After some time, he reconciles with Michael, trying to create a happy family. Vicki Van Tassel lent her voice.

Tracey De Santa (actually Tracey Townley) – teenage daughter of Michael and Amanda. Jimmy’s sister, with whom she has poor relationships, as with her parents. She is involved in pornography. She wanted to appear in Lazlow Jones’s “Glory or glory” program, but Trevor and Michael interrupted her performance. Like the rest of the family, after some time Tracey’s relationship with her father improves significantly. Michal Sinnott lent her voice.

James “Jimmy” De Santa (actually James Townley) – twenty-year-old son of Michael and Amanda, brother of Tracey. He is lazy and cranky. He spends the whole day playing console games and occasionally smokes marijuana and wants to show off before his father, including by trying to sell a yacht. He doesn’t like his father, who wants Jimmy to be educated and find a decent job. He got his father into drugs intoxication to leave him with the rest of his family. After some time, his relationships with other family members also improve. Danny Tamberelli lent his voice.

Gta 5 apk download Grand theft auto 5 android download Game

Grand Theft Auto 5 android download has been designed in such a way as to improve every element of the game from previous parts of the series . The game area is larger than the area of ​​Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV games combined . In addition, switching between characters is dynamic. Protagonists also live their own “life” and perform various activities when they are not controlled by the player.

The player (as in the previous parts of the game from the 3D and HD universe) controls the protagonists from a third person perspective. He can move around the map without the requirement to complete missions, which in turn unlock further possibilities in the game . In addition (compared to the previous parts of the game), the free gameplay of the game has been enriched with BASE jumping and the possibility of diving using the appropriate equipment or bathyscaphe. The player can also use smartphones available from every protagonist (each of them has a different brand device that maps popular real-world models). You can use them to take pictures using various filters, and browse websites, as in Grand Theft Auto IV

Playable (player-controlled) are three protagonists – Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa, who perform missions mainly consisting of committing crimes, doing favors to specific people, and dealing with illegal interests. Later in the game, missions also involve solving problems that the main characters struggle with. When the mission is performed by more than one protagonist, the player can switch between them, and during some tasks it is also possible to control Franklin’s dog – Chop . Each of the heroes has special, individual skills that are necessary or very helpful when performing tasks (eg Trevor has greater piloting skills than the other two, and Michael can shoot enemies in a slow motion) . The heroes for the first time in the series of Grand Theft Auto games can move quietly (character movement derived from games called “stealth”) and in this mode overpower the opponent without alerting the rest of the enemies .

The HUD and information displayed on it have also been refined. When a player takes damage, his health will dynamically regenerate to half full level. Police troops have their specific view range, thanks to which escaping from a player’s specific search area (as in the previous numerical part of the series) is not the only way to avoid being caught by law enforcement officers. If he hides and is not noticed by the police, they will give up further searches . In addition, with each increase in the police prosecution rate of the player, this becomes more aggressive and strives for immediate death of the wanted . During the missions, appropriate markings also appear about the protagonist’s strategic advantage at a certain moment (which is usually information for the player to take control over him at a certain moment), or his low health and expected help .

During the attacks, the protagonists also make contact with hired colleagues who help them with robberies. Depending on the salary offered in the form of a share from the loot obtained from the robbery, each mercenary has different specializations, skills, equipment, as well as predispositions to the manner of robbery , which are planned before the mission by Michael and Lester Crest . In addition to the attack plan itself, the player must also organize a plan and equipment to escape from the police after the jump .

Grand Theft Auto 5 android download is the first game in the series where there are many species of animals that can be found in the city and in the wild. There are also those with which you can interact (including the dog Chop, which Franklin can take for a walk; the player can control it during specific missions). Some, however, become the target of hunting – and hunting, however, a task to perform after the player’s mission.

Version for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC
Rockstar Games through the IGN portal has released new products that will appear in the refreshed version of the game for the eighth generation consoles and personal computers. These are primarily: first-person perspective view with the ability to switch it at any time during the game (and the ability to use a three-dimensional phone), playing the game in 1080p quality and 30 frames per second for the eighth generation console, and for personal computers 4K quality support with 60 frames per second [60]; over 100 music pieces have been added to the radio and many graphic aspects have been improved . Two hours of music were also added to the soundtrack .

In the version for personal computers, Rockstar North has also implemented the director mode and proprietary movie editor, Rockstar Editor. Director mode allows access to all possible models in the game (which are unlocked only after playing GTA 5 mobile download Online, or completing the single player campaign) that can speak issues, and it is possible to freely modify these models, world parameters, camera speed, its position, scene tempo, etc. Recorded shots can later be edited in Rockstar Editor, and you can also play the project in full screen mode, add text to the clip, or insert a game soundtrack. The finished film can be published, for example, on YouTube or the Rockstar Games Social Club platform (where you can take part in competitions related to creating movies in the editor). The day before the premiere of the PC version, Rockstar Games published a video on its YouTube channel as an introduction to the movie editor and director mode [65]. The movie editor along with the director mode were implemented in summer 2015.

(Gta 5 apk download) Grand theft auto 5 android download Soundtrack

Main articles: The Music of Grand Theft Auto 5 android download and Welcome to Los Santos.
The soundtrack from the game – The Music of Grand Theft Auto 5 android download – was released on September 24, 2013 . On April 21, 2015, the album The Alchemist and Oh No Welcome to Los Santos [68] was released, inspired by music from the soundtrack, which was placed in the PC version of the game as part of the soundtrack (radio station).

Gta 5 mobile download Production and release

Version for android and mobile devices Grand Theft Auto 5 android download was officially announced by Rockstar Games on October 25, 2011, and on November 2, 2011 the official trailer of the game was presented. The second trailer of the game premiered on November 14, 2012 , and the official gameplay video was released on July 9, 2013 . The premiere trailer from the game for the eighth generation consoles appeared eight days before the premiere of the refreshed version of the game , and on personal computers – 12 days before the premiere , as well as a trailer from seizures the day after (American computer company Nvidia cooperating with Rockstar North stated that it was created in the video editor of the game, which will be available in the version for personal computers . The game area is modeled on the Los Angeles metropolis and southern California. In addition to the standard version, the game was also released in a special and collector’s edition, which includes city ​​map, cap and money bag . The production of Grand Theft Auto 5 android download took $ 115 million, while the promotion of the game was spent around 150 million, making the eleventh part of the series the most expensive game in the history of the electronic entertainment industry [80].

Grand Theft Auto 5 android download Online

Grand Theft Auto 5 android download is the first game in the history of the Gta 5 mobile download series in which Rockstar Games intensively supports multiplayer, implementing it already in the initial version of the game. The Grand Theft Auto Online expansion was launched on October 1, 2013 for seventh generation consoles. For eighth generation consoles and personal computers and android devices, Online mode was launched on the day of release of these versions . The player can join the mode by selecting the fourth character previously created from scratch by the player among the three protagonists in the single player game menu .

Gta 5 apk download release date

Version for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC
On June 10, 2014 (less than 9 months after the game’s release for the seventh generation), the game was announced and presented at the Sony conference at the E3 gaming fair by representatives of Take-Two Interactive for personal computers and the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, determining first, an unknown release date in the autumn of 2014 , and then setting the release date of the refreshed version of the game on November 18, 2014 for eighth generation consoles, and for personal computers by setting January 27, 2015 , then March 24, 2015 , and later – finally – on April 14, 2015. A movie and six screenshots of the game also appeared on this occasion. In addition, Rockstar Games announced that there will be unique content for players who bought a refreshed version of the game if they also played the game on the seventh generation console

Rockstar Games on its official website announced changes in the above versions of the game, such as new types of weapons, vehicles, possessions, or improved modification of the appearance of playable characters. There is also a movie editor that was recorded during the game. After announcing the release dates of the refreshed version of the game for personal computers and eighth generation consoles, Rockstar announced that the number of players in multiplayer will be increased to 30 players, in addition, players of the seventh generation will be able to transfer their saved games to the refreshed version of the game after synchronized with the Rockstar Games Social Club platform. In addition, all DLCs released for seventh generation consoles will also be available in new versions ; the official trailer of the game also appeared . The game is available in digital distribution on the Steam platform . Pre-order purchase gives the buyer a $ 1.5 million bonus to spend in the game (half a million for single player and one million for multiplayer ), as well as a free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas if he buys a game up to 1 February (however, the offer on this day was extended to March 9 without a free copy of the game, and then – after the next transfer of the release date of the game to personal computers – it was extended to March 31). GTA 5 mobile download supports Steam controllers and SteamOS [90]. On February 27 and March 27, 2015, Rockstar Games published 15 new screenshots of the news from the PC version of the game . Six days before the premiere, the PC Gamer portal published 24 new screenshots of the game on the PC platform.

Gta 5 mobile download was positively received by critics. The average rating on Metacritic is 97/100 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 . Reviewers praised the open world of the game and the extensive main storyline. GameRankings aggregation website also gives high marks. Three days after the premiere, the game was placed by the editors of the IGN website in second place on the list of “The Top 25 android Games“.

According to a reviewer from Edge, the ability to switch between protagonists is facilitated by avoiding a long journey time to the point where the specific mission begins . Matt Bertz from “Game Informer” also found that their switching significantly accelerates the course of action during their missions. Tom Bramwell from the Eurogamer portal added that this option becomes a kind of tactical element during the shooting and significantly facilitates the performance of tasks, compared to previous games from the Grand Theft Auto series. In addition, Keza McDonald from the IGN portal said that these transitions during the shootings cause less predictable consequences for the tasks performed.

Gta 5 apk download sales

Gta 5 mobile download was the best-selling game in the United States in 2013 (only sales of the box version were taken into account), in Great Britain the game was the best-selling entertainment product of the year. The game was also the fastest-selling title after its premiere in Poland, in 24 hours the game was sold in 60,000 copies . In 2014, the game achieved an income record (94,000,000 pounds) as well as sales of all time in the UK . In August 2015, the number of copies distributed to stores was 54 million , and in January 2018 over 90 million .

Gta 5 apk download Controversies

The game also met with a wave of controversy caused by the content and alleged violations of the image of famous people or musical works that are contained in Gta 5 mobile download

Gta 5 apk download Showing torture

The By the book mission reveals the torture of a man detained during an FIB action by Trevor in order to get information from him about an Azerbaijani refugee posing a threat to the FIB institution. The player has the option of choosing torture, which the main protagonist will use on his victim. This caused controversy around reviewers and commentators

Keith Best from the British NGO Freedom from Torture said that the creators of the game “crossed the” certain “border.” In addition, Keith Vaz from the British Labor Party expressed concern about the negative impact of the mission on underage players .

Legal Proceedings

In October 2013, rapper Daz Dillinger filed a lawsuit to Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive to withdraw and delete the Grand Theft Auto V product because of alleged use of his two songs in the game without his permission, accusing both companies of theft .
In February 2014, the personality of American television – Karen Gravano – accused Rockstar Games that one of the characters implemented in the game is based on its history and is its likeness presented without her consent [143]. In April, Rockstar’s studio requested that the lawsuit be dismissed due to the exclusion of the allegations by the first amendment to the United States Constitution .
In July 2014, actress Lindsay Lohan also filed a lawsuit claiming that one of the characters in the game contains her likeness, and that her voice and type of clothing were used without permission .
The Australian company Target Australia after a petition on the Internet withdrew the game from sale in their stores because of the manifestation of violence against women in Grand Theft Auto V .

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