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Gta 5 download ios Grand Theft Auto V for iOS has been designed to streamline every aspect of the game from previous parts of the series. The game area is larger than the Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV games combined. In addition, switching between characters is dynamic. Protagonists also live their own “life” and perform various activities when they are not controlled by the player. The player (as in the previous parts of the game from the 3D and HD universe) controls the protagonists from a third person perspective.

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He can move around the map without the requirement to complete missions, which in turn unlock further possibilities in the game. In addition (compared to the previous parts of the game), the free gameplay of the game has been enriched with BASE jumping and the possibility of diving using the appropriate equipment or bathyscaphe. The player can also use smartphones available from every protagonist (each of them has a different brand device that maps popular real-world models). You can use them to take pictures using various filters, and browse websites, as in Grand Theft Auto IV

Playable (player-controlled) are three protagonists – Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa, who perform missions mainly involving committing crimes, doing favors to specific people, and dealing with illegal interests. Later in the game, the missions also involve solving problems that the main characters struggle with. When the mission is performed by more than one protagonist, the player can switch between them, and while performing certain tasks, it is also possible to control Franklin’s dog – Chop. Each of the heroes has special, individual skills that are necessary or very helpful when performing tasks (e.g. Trevor has greater piloting skills than the other two, and Michael can shoot enemies at a slow speed). The heroes for the first time in the series of Grand Theft Auto games can move quietly (character movement derived from games called “stealth”) and in this mode overpower the opponent without alerting the rest of the enemies.

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The HUD and information displayed on it have also been refined. When a player takes damage, his health will dynamically regenerate to half full level. Police troops have their specific view range, thanks to which escaping from a player’s specific search area (as in the previous numerical part of the series) is not the only way to avoid being caught by law enforcement officers. If he hides and is not noticed by the police, they give up further searches. In addition, with each increase in the player’s prosecution rate by the police, this becomes more aggressive and strives for immediate death of the wanted. During the missions, there are also relevant markings about the protagonist’s strategic advantage at a certain moment (which is usually information for the player to take control over him at a certain moment), or his low health and expected help. During the attacks, the protagonists also make contact with hired colleagues who help them with robberies. Depending on the salary offered in the form of a share of the loot obtained from the robbery, each mercenary has different specializations, skills, equipment, as well as predispositions to how to perform robbery, which are planned before the mission by Michael and Lester Crest. In addition to the attack plan itself, the player must also organize a plan and equipment to escape from the police after the jump. Grand Theft Auto V is the first game in the series where there are many species of animals that can be found in the city and in the wild. There are also those with which you can interact (including the Chop dog, which Franklin can take for a walk; the player can control it during specific missions). Some become the targets of hunting – and hunting becomes a task to perform after the player accepts the mission

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